Yurt Camp


A yurt is not a tent. It is one of the ancient structures that man has made for himself as a form of dwelling for thousands of years. It was widespread in vast areas in Eastern Mongolia, in the steppes in Southern Russia and also temporarily in the Carpathian Basin. It was designed by nomadic herdsmen as they wandered in the pastures with their huge herds of cattle and large studs. A main feature of yurts is that they can be dismantled and set up again to accommodate the herdsmen and their families during their quest for rich grazing fields. People in Inner Asia still use yurts in their everyday lives

Yurts accommodated the Magyars for a longer period of time then permanent dwellings since the Magyars settled in the Carpathian Basin. This is the reason why those, who sleep in yurts with horses grazing all round may experience what life may have been like in the long-gone nomadic days thousands of years ago.

If you spend some nights in a yurt, as the night falls, you can hear the rustle of horses as they bite the grass and snort quietly, the mares in heat utter short neighs, and as time goes by, through the circular roof opening you can watch the stars gently move. In the yurts light is provided by oil lanterns, and there are no bathrooms. There are shower cabinets with hot and cold running water near the yurts.

A large yurt is also available for social events. There is room in it for 40-50 people, it has an open fireplace equipped with a large iron grid for grilling, and it is furnished with 8 tables and a serving table as well as tripods for cooking pots. Beside this yurt is a cooking area with a gas cooker and refrigerators. There is also a parking area for coaches and cars.The Kazakh and Mongolian yurts are furnished with couches, decorated with carpets, and there are also blankets inside. Each yurt can accommodate max. 6 persons (maybe one or two more), so the total capacity of the six yurts is 36-40 persons per night.We welcome groups of 8-16 persons to our equestrian tours and camps, during which relatives or friends can share a yurt at their discretion.

With the wide, open space and the pond in the pasture land close to the yurts we invite groups of friends and relatives to spend their leisure time in this splendid natural environment. We invite and welcome a variety of groups such as:

  • Groups of friends to celebrate special birthdays
  • Groups gathering for school reunion together with children and other relatives
  • Greyhound and sheep-dog breeders
  • Friends from various workplaces, professional groups
  • Folk dancers, esoteric drummers
  • Groups seeking meditation and yoga in nature
  • Groups wishing to pursue martial arts in nature
  • We also welcome long weekend programmes for equestrian groups of visitors
  • Smaller wedding ceremonies
  • Ideal location for photoshoot


The opening hours are seasonal: we look forward to our guests from 1st of April to 31st of October.

Reservation and further information at csat1996@gmail.com