Saddle production


Suitable for:
Tours, Endurance riding, Riding for training purposes, Stunts, Heritage preservation, Working equitation, Beginner riders


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The Cseppentő saddle is a product of the Cseppentő Family. The structure of this saddle is based on a historical Hungarian saddle, the “Tiszafüred saddle”. During a course of several decades of development and continuous testing (2-300 kilometre-long equestrian tours, training and courses for beginners) the design of the saddle has been adjusted to modern requirements thus ensuring the comfort of horses and the safety and convenience of riders to satisfy also multiple technical requirements. Apart from all these features, the saddle continues to preserve the heritage of old Hungarian saddles, which is reflected in materials and design.


The saddle is made from natural materials only. It is comprised of elastic wooden plates, a light metal structure, plenty of leather and even more wool. Conspicuous features are comfort and safety.

The design is adjusted to horseback, it has a huge channel, and the elastic, large saddle pads are padded with soft, wool filling to enable free movement and comfort for the horse.

The high pommels and the deep seat covered in a leather cushion padded with soft wool ensure safety and comfort for the rider. An additional and unique feature is the saddle spring (the basis of the seat made from rawhide), which provides special elasticity.

Our saddle is perfectly suitable for horses with very high withers, moreover it is good for horses with less muscles on the back. The saddle is opened alongside the spine of the horse. Both the cantle and the pommel are highly bent. The anatomical shape of the saddle’s foot was tested on our akhal teke horses.
An important feature of the saddle is that it is made of only natural materials. (leather, wool, felt, steel) We use it with woollen saddle blanket. The saddle’s seat is substantially bigger than that of the english saddle, it gives more safety for the rider. It is heavier than the english and much lighter than the western saddle. And finally the most seductive point of it is it’s comfort. We use these saddles for one week long tours too, when we ride around 200 kilometers together. (From the blue Danube to the Blond Tisza tour)
In the last 3 years we organised horse shows in the Historical Memorial Park where we used these saddles twice in a day.


Developed and designed while being used, this saddle has become a multifunctional type of saddle. The following activities played an important role in the development and practical use of our saddle: long tours (endurance tours), riding for training purposes (riders’ training, horse training, high level exercises), heritage preservation (exercising Hungarian and eastern traditions, practising acrobatic equestrian elements, playing buzkhashi and performing equestrian archery) as well as working equitation and training beginner riders.

We also frequently use our saddles for these activities similarly to our customers, who also successfully enjoy our saddles.