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If you are wishing to learn how to ride, you can either participate in equestrian courses, or in equestrian camps. During the camps we organise very intensive riding events. Our aim is to prepare the participants physically and mentally for the acquisition of the basics of horse riding. The riding experience will inspire the participants to continue the learning process.
We always emphasize the fact that it is impossible to learn to ride in one week however an intensive start provides positive inspiration, and some campers have been able to acquire riding skills during two cams and at some week-ends that enabled them to ride in groups.
During the camps the participants receive diverse training focussed on the development of riding skills and communication with horses.
We do not separate the participants according to age; we welcome everybody between 12-60 years of age.
We provide accommodation in comfortable Kazakh yurts. During the camps full board and showers with hot and cold running water are available.


19-24. June 2023.

26 June – 1. July 2023. – for advanced riders!

17-22. July 2023.

Programmes during the camps:

Arrival: on Mondays between 5 and 6 p.m. After a short general briefing at around 6 p.m. dinner at 6:30 p.m.

5 hours of equestrian training every day, which includes 2.5 hours of riding and 2.5 hours of theoretical and practical riding instructions.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
a.m.   9-12

Training on lunging rain and in the manège, cross-country exercises


Training on lunging rein and and in the manège, cross-country exercises


Training in the manège and cross-country exercises


Riding to the river Tisza with covered wagon escort. Swimming in the river, picnic snacks at the river bank


Group exercises (cross-country and manège), demonstration of skills developed during the week


Arrival, briefing


The behavior of horses, communication with them. Basic handling practices.


Cross-country riding with covered wagon escort


Exercices in line and carousel

(from Monday evening till Saturday noon)

Meals: (three meals a day):
Breakfast at 8:00 a.m.
Lunch: 12:30 p.m.
Dinner: 6:30 p.m.

Accommodation: in genuine Mongolian and Kazakh yurts (5 beds in each yurt)
Optional leisure time activities:
National Historical Memorial Park at Ópusztaszer (tickets to see the cyclorama on the Hungarian Invasion by Árpád Feszty must be booked)
Visit to Szeged, the town is about 25 km (15 miles) from the camp (the coach has a stop 800 metres from the camp)
Thermal baths at Kiskunmajsa

Other information:
The camp-site accommodates the only Akhal-Teke stud in Hungary. This is the breed that the Magyar warriors rode when they invaded the area that is Hungary today. The camp-site and the surrounding pastures are a perfect match to this breed of horses, and the area evokes the days of the Magyar invasion. The yurts set op on the shores of a pond are situated like yurt dwellings used by nomadic horsemen centuries ago.

Other services:

A community yurt with a fireplace, 8 tables and a serving table, a large grid for grilling, poles, chains and hooks for cooking pots, basins for washing dishes, refrigerators, a gas cooker is also available.
6 shower cubicles with hot and cold running water and clothes cabinets
Parking area for cars and coaches

Info, booking: