Our stud’s mare population based on  Akhal-teke half-bred mares. They were the children of our founding stallion Mustafa.

813 Musztafa
Sir: Akbar was taken to Hungary at 1976!
He won galopp race in Taskentben 10 000 m 14 min 14,8 sec.

Ragyogó and Ajándék died in 2019. They were our stud’s two oldest mares and had the largest family in here.The riders whoes visited us has a good chance of riding on their grandchildren, great-grandchildren or their even closer relatives. Ragyogó and Ajándék were both Mustafa-fathered mares. Ajándék was the direct daughter of Dáma and Mustafa, and Ragyogó was the daughter of Holdas and Musztafa.



1997 Karamella

2003 Radír

2004 Ajsa

Ajnó (Ajándék lánya Karadortól)



Altia (Akhal teke purebred mare)

Chiria (Akhal teke purebred mare)

Ajka(Ajándék’s daughter from Kaján)

Kamilla(Karamella’s daughter from Paolo)