The story of the stud is the family’s history as well. The breeder

We moved here in 1985, there were two horses and ideas …

The National Historical Memorial Park in Ópusztaszer was under construction…

My wife – Rita Márkus(1959.) – was born in Balatonfüred, and I – Attila Cseppentő(1949.) – was born in the Nagykunság.

In the year of the moving to here(Ópusztaszer) was born our eldest son: Regő. In 1987. our daughter Réka and in 1990. our younger son Zsombor was born.

We thought on the place of the hungarian conquest(where our ancestors conquered the place where we live) the horse must have a place too.

Why we chose this breed?

As the ancient Chinese pilgrim says: ,,we did’t choose, it was coming against us” We just had to know it… That time Mustafa wast the only one Akhal Teke stallion in Hungary…

In the beginning