Sire:5320 Kaján
Date of birth:2014.04.02.
Height:161/169 cm
Breed:Akhal teke (type)
Price:4800 Euro
Location:Akhal Stud of Ópusztaszer

Maja was born in April 2014 and grew up in stud conditions. She is a kind and friendly mare, docile, easy to handle and free from bad habits. She is healthy and has correct legs. Although she is a vital and powerfully built mare, she isn?t aggressive with his mates. She regularly gets hoof trimming and anthelmintic treatment, she has mandatory vaccinations and blood test results.

Her teaching under saddle started in autumn 2017. She is a well balanced, active, well built and cooperative mare, light in mouth. She has a balanced movement on the terrain, which is easy to control. Once her teaching under saddle finised, she used to participate in two-hour and whole day cross-country rides and cattle drivings with guest riders. Afterwards we started her endurance training which has been in process since then. She participated in her first competition, a 20 km endurance test, after a six months training in April 2019. She got the 6th place with the time result of 67 minutes and a heart rate of 60/min. After that her training went on and she participated in a 40km test in October, where she got the 5th place with the time result of 66 minutes and a very good heart rate. Currently she is being trained for the 60km test.

Maja is suitable for breeding as well.

5320 Kaján
3003 Karador
989 Karader
1946 Desmal-1946
1284 Sultanbala 15
Ialkym 21A
1319 Mohafez
18 Ibn Galal
813 Musztafa