Sire: 5320 Kaján
Dam: Chiria
Damsire: 1185 Djasman
Date of birth: 06.04.2017.
Height: 156 cm
Color: bay
Breed: Akhal-Teke
Sex: gelding
Price: 800 000 HUF (+VAT)

Sired by Kaján (Akhal-Teke sire)
Dam: Chiria
This foal is healthy and has great potential with regularly trimmed hooves and anthelmintic
teatment. Kelén is a very promising foal with sturdy appearance, dry legs, he is enduring and
inexhaustible. He can easily be led by a rope, and is trained for hoof control. He has an individual
identifier and a horse passport. Kelén is a very typical akhal teke. He is not only have the construction of akhal teke but he behaves like the akhal teke character. He has big ego, he is lively mainly around the mares in spring but since he is a gelding he became calmer. He is good for a qualified rider who searching for a very comfortable and passionate horse with big accomplishment. This horse is for one person not for more riders. If you want to communicate with him you have to be mild. He is good for endurance or equestrian tours his galopp is big and not round. His relations is good in endurance too. But he can be good in eventing and show jumping too it depends on the riders level.He is healthy and has been blood-tested every three years. Potential buyers are welcome to
see him upon appointment at the Akhal-Teke Stud at Ópusztaszer.


5320 Kaján
3003 Karador
1185 Djasman
Chiva Tarki
989 Karader
1946 Desmal-1946
1284 Sultanbala 15
ialkym 21A
1115 Yasman
2250 Damdja
1295 Khadj
894 Kerven
1520 Elsona
866 Vatanchi
1639 Passiya
967 Pudok
1878 Yava
870 Garem 11
1880 Yalma
870 Garem 11
1488 Djahan
1053 Gumdag
2105 Aimal
1248 Orlan
2102 Aigul

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