Sire:5309 Paolo
Damsire:3003 Karador
Height: stick measure: 157-158
tape measure: 179-19,0
Price: 6000 € (+VAT)

Pure-bred class I category II Akhal-Teke stallion

Jáspis is a representative of the El line.Reared in a stud until the age of sexual maturity. Then he was kept in an area surrounded by an electric fence where he stayed also during mating seasons. Never sustained any injury. He has been used for covering since the 2018 mating season. Despite his temperament he behaves obediently.

Jáspis is a vital, temperamental animal with lean appearance. He received training in autumn 2017 during which he was trained with a lunging rein to be harnessed and saddled. He has been ridden while led by an older gelding ridden by a rider. His rider also trained him to recognise rein signals. Later on his training did not continue due to the lack of time.

Location: Akhal-Teke Stud at Ópusztaszer

Contact: cseppentoopuszta@gmail.com