Dam sire:Musztafa 53
Sire line:Kir Sakar(989  KARADER  and  1946  DESMAL)
Dam family:Arab line (Akbar)
Date of birth:2008.04.14.
Height:163 cm/ 170 cm
Colour:dark buckskin
Breed:akhal teke 75%
Price:placeholder text
Location:Akhal Stud Ópusztaszer
Hektor's prehistory:
After he was a foal, he also get to know scary objects and locations that increase his stimulus threshold. During his training, he took part in 1-2-hour country rides, just like the other horses, and also learned to ride the stable figures of the equestrian center. As a leading horse, he led 1-day cattle drives and longer horseback tours several times. As one of the physical end points of our training, we used to mark the Danube-Tisza tour, this tour is two hundred kilometers long, which he also completed several times as a leading horse in a fit form.
Hektor was developed for years in high school discipline, which he practiced in the courses taught by István Göblyös, well-known in Hungary. After the basic exercises of dressage, the horse learned to ride the higher level elements of dressage: half pass, shouldering, connect on the rein, quater in. Also, he also learned the more difficult dressage tasks: flying change, half-sides, half-pirouette. In the high school training, he also completed the piaffe and performed a 2 jump of flying changes, which he was able to presentin horse shows too. For example, at the horse market in Wienerneustadt or the Animal Breeding Days in Hódmezővásárhely in May 2023.


Competition training:
The horse's competition training began 7 years ago. In addition to getting to know show jumping obstacles, he directly learned how to cross fixed obstacles and how to cross water and steep slopes.
After that, as the training of gymnastics and learning the line of the jumping track progressed, he also got to know banks and coffins in the field. Then with the wider fixed obstacles. The horse's galop work was built in parallel with the preparation for competitions. He never had a problem with the speed of the cross-country course.

At the horse's first competition, October 15-17, 2021. In Bábolna, he achieved 6th place.
On the racetrack, a professional rider Regő Cseppentő achieved many excellent results, such as:
– August 19-21, 2022 Regő Cseppentő, competing in the amateur rider category in Kaposvár, finished in 2nd place.
– October 21-23, 2022 Bábolnán achieved 3rd place in category A!
- In the spring of 2023, in addition to what he learned on the racetrack, Hektor also participated in a eventing training camp held by Pál Tuska, where he also jumped 2-star obstickles with a positive attitude. (Like, for example, the deep dive into the water shown in the pictures)
– June 16-18, 2023 Starting in the open category in Kaposvár, Regő Cseppentő finished 2nd on the podium with Hektor.
– In Kaposvár, 13-15.10.2023, the team of Határőr Dózsa, consisting of akhal tekes, Hektor and Regő Cseppentő in the team became national champions team 1st place.
– 18-22.04.2024 Cseppentő Regő finished 5th on his horse named Hektor.
The horse can be excellent for a rider who wants a brave military horse. Because of his routine proficiency in his three majors. (Dressage +cross-country+showjumping) But in terms of the horse's physical fitness, it is also suitable for long-distance riding. The horse can also be recommended for young riders due to the fact that its attitude towards jumping has been built in such a way that it is free from bad habits.

1946 Desmal – 1946
Musztafa 53
894 Kerven
1520 Elsona
Dorsekil – 879
Djangly – 1486
813 Musztafa
25 Üllő Anci
813 Musztafa
736 Keimir
1355 Talant
685 Angar
1524 Enysh
Kamber – 885
Kamina – 1213
685 Angar
Djahan – 1167
273 Abádszalók – 180
3282 Fabula