Horse name

Sire:4128 Atamán
Dam sire:5320 Kaján
Sire line:Atamán (Aldato 232 x Mohikán)
Dam family:Ajka (5320 Kaján x 813 Musztafa)
Date of birth:05.09.2018
Height:167 cm, 169 cm
Breed:sport horse x akhal teke
Price:5.000.000 Huf
Location:Akhal Stud Ópusztaszer

Atlasz was born on 05/09/2018, sport horse x akhal teke gelding. A healthy, fit gelding, blacksmith cut the hoof regularly and Atlasz dewormed from time to time.
Atlas’ training took place in calm environment. Atlasz is balanced hordse who is free from bad habits. After his training, he participated in group lessons (1-2 hours), cross-country riding (1-2 hours) and then in 1-day riding tours (4-5 hour rides, with a 1-hour lunch break). When he has become physically stronger and mentally matured, then he can also participate in 1 week long riding tours, under advanced rider. He also took part in our longest tour the Danube-Tisza tour (quar is 200 km long). He stayed in a very good shape even when he had to walk in 30-40 kilometers a day.
His training is started approximately one year ago in several disciplines. Atlasz learned the basics of dressage and the basic show jumping exercises. Since the main line in our stud is eventing, so he also learned to jump fixed obstacles. This basic work allows you to work in several disciplines. In addition, we clearly see his future in show jumping/eventing due to his structure and movement capability. His training is in progress and in 2024, he will start in his first showjumping race and then his eventing competition. (The price will change after the competition.)