Damsire:1272 Salam
Owner:Attila Cseppentő
Breeder:Mrs. Lena Novotná


(7 years) 163-169-194-18,5
pedigree: 6.3 type: 7.2
conformation: 8.0 measurements: 8.8
performance: 0.0 quality of descendants: 0.0
class I, II cat. – stud-farm. Hodějov

pedigree: 6.3 type: 7.6
conformation: 8.5 measurements: 9.0
Measurements: KVH 164, šikmá délka 171, OH 198, Ohol. 19
class I, cat.I

Big and vehement mare, correct rise. It is ebullient and soft mare, is also very much intelligent. Mare has long spacious run with talent for jump. Under seat is on rider very worthy, but ebullient. It is immortal baby.

Alsanta´s father Altair type 7,8 point, exterior 9 point, measurements: 161, 168, 175, 19.5, was born in Uzbekistán and he takes part on showjumping degree S. In roce 2007 on 14. championship Germany won 2. place in class 4-10 years stud-horse, which vindicate also in competition jump in freedom. In roce 2008 begins Altair take off also on endurance races. In roce 2009 (August) Altair sympathetic in Luxemburg 2. international championship AT, won 2. place in caregory 5-12 years stud-horse, farther was on championship right brother Alsanty ALBION which id. won 2. place in category 2 years stud-horse, farther then semi-sister Alsanty – ALNISSA (1130 Alachrat – Salamandra) that adventitious 2. place between 3-4 letyma mare. From families Alsanty participate right brother AltairAl Batal, which won in caregory 3-4 years stud-horse pretty 4. place. In July 2010 Brother Alsanty Altasar (Altair – Salamandra) won the international championship AT in place of 1 Category 2 year old male and Alsanty father Altair got 2 instead of Category 5, you – year-old and older stallions. Altair is son stud-horse 1130 Alachrat pedigree 7.0, type 6.8 point, exterior 6.5 point, quality of offspring 8.0 (linie Fakirpelvan) and his grandfather 1138 Arslan ( in the international list of showjumping horses in Modele asia region in years 2000-2001, performance degrese T).

Alsanta´s mother is in Uzbekistanu born mare Salamandra type 7,6 points, exterior 8 points, measurements: 151, 158, 176, 18 (linie EL), whose father was stallion Salam, very good showjumper and good in endurance races.

Alsanta belongs to sireline Fakirpelvan. Stallion 828 Fakirpelvan was born in 1951 in Aschabad and he was evaluated in class Elite. He became the champion of the breed in Moscow Exhibition in 1969. Stallion Fakirpelvan was sold to V. Schamborant with his half brother Gelishikli and they start to cover mares. They took base there of theirs sirelines. Fakirpelvan´s offspring exceled in performance on the racetrack and in riding sport too. His sons 883 Kaltaman and 910 Opal take record of the racetrack till nowadays. Bay stallion Penteli was the member of the russian olympic team with rider V. Lysicinem. And he won the russian championship with this rider. Another excelent son on the racetrack and in sport too was grey stallion 915 Posman. Fakirpelvan´s grandson 1138 Arslan became the Uzbekistan´s champion in the showjumping and in the years 2000 and 2001 he led the chart of the showjump horses in Middle Asia region. The main followers of this sireline became the stallions 910 Opal, 883 Kaltaman and 971 Khalif.

Stallion 973 Abdulrakhman was born in studfarm Dagestan in 1979. He got the evaluation of Class I. He rode 17 horseraces in Aschabad at the age of 3 till 5. He won 5times, took second place 5 times, third place once and fourth place 3times. He got the diploma of on exhibition in Aschabad in 1983. By stallion 973 Abdulrakhman and out of mare Selbiniaz (evaluation Elite, start racing at the age of 3 and took first place 3times) was born the dark bay colt Arslan in Studfarm Socialism in Aschabad in 1987. He wasn´t good in the races so they sold him to Uzbekistan. He was tall and huge (167-167-184-20). Arslan was used in stud but unfortunately only few offspring has remained. However they take the sport qualities of theirs father and get good sport results.

Stallion 989 Karader was born in studfarm Komsomol in 1977. He took evaluation Elite (162-162-180-15.5,7,9,9,10). He rode 21 horseraces at the age of 2 till 5 in Aschabad in and he won 14 times, took second place 4 times and once the third place. Then he rode 10 horseraces in Krasnodar at the age of 6 till 7 and he won 10 times. He got the diploma of the on the exhibitions in Aschabad in the years 1981 and 1982.

Mare 2098 Azatgul was born in studfarm Kosmopol in 1977 and she was evaluated class Elite. She rode 7 horseraces at the age of 2 and once she won and for 4 times she was on second place.

Alsanta belongs to sireline El out of her mother. Sireline El, anyway as the sireline Toporbai, deduces its origin from the sireline of the stallion Baba Akhun. He was the father of buckskin stallion Mele Chadji Nur, who gave two excellent sons, Toporbai and Tugurbai. From the three of Tugurbai´s sons – sires (100 El, 334 Bergut a 620 Tugur) won out only stallion 100 El, who was born out of Mele Kush´s daughter 177 Elkab. Golden bay stallion 100 El was born in 1932. He was typical, with good temperament, harmonic conformation, lean limbs, long fetlogs and light and energical movement. He was defeated by nondefeat mare 351 Pel only once in gallops.

In production of sire El haven´t good luck. Sireline El continues today only by the stallion 682 Almaz, grandson of stallion El. Bay stallion Almaz was born in Turkestan war area in 1957 by stallion Enilmez (100 El – 1237 Kartina) out of mare Mantia. Almaz got classification for type 8,0; body measurements 8,0; conformation 8,0; offspring 9,0; and be ranked into class Elite. He won the diploma of in 1961. Stallion Almaz died in 1969. Sireline was enlarged by sons of Almaz – 861 Akhal, 871 Gindukush, 927 Fakel, 862 Bakhar and 996 Mag. The first three stallion take records on the racetrack The members of the sireline El were excellent on the racetrack but not very typical individuals. It was improved by the hard selection and today this sireline´s members belongs to better of the population. It´s the credit of the offspring of the stallion 1010 Sovkhoz 2 (871 Gindukush – 1630 Okis), namely Saklanma, Melesur and Polot.

Golden buckskin stallion 919 Sere born in Turkmenistan in 1965 became the champion of the breed in 1978. Stallion Sere rode 28 horseraces at the age of 2 till 4 and he won 7 times, was on second place 14 times and third place 6 times. The Successors of stallion Sere in stud have become stallions 1073 Meidanli (out of mare 1591 Magnolia, sireline Gelishikli), then the stallion 1029 Anchar (out of 1408 Agava), 1107 Chakan (out of 1469 Guldzhachan), 982 Ginduvar (out of 1461 Gracia), 1067 Koldun (out of 1575 Koldunja), 1017 Janychar and the meant stallion 1099 Serasker, in Europe 1018 Abbas 20 (out of 1726 Arfa) and 1196 Elbek 40 (out of 1505 Edegen).