Sire:5007 Kazbek
Damsire:3003 Karador
Sire line:Peren
Breed:87.5% Akhal-Teke

Reared in a stud. Vital, not aggressive with other horses, strongly built, healthy mare.

Hooves trimming and anthelmintic treatment annually. Mandatory vaccinations administered and blood tests performed regularly.

Training started for Ajáz in autumn 2017. The mare proved to be a balanced, active horse with sturdy appearance, good co-operation and sensitive mouth. She accepts low jumps with adequate balance. Can be well controlled and moves smoothly during cross-country riding. Has been used during two-hour and whole day long riding tours. Although she has not been specifically prepared for endurance riding, she received training on 3-4 occasions in distances of 04-15 km, during which she covered these distances with good stamina and pulse rates. She is a physically fit mare. She is also suitable for breeding.

Potential use in the future: show jumping, dressage, cross-country riding, endurance riding.

Location: Akhal-Teke Stud at Ópusztaszer.

Contact: cseppentoopuszta@gmail.com