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stud Photo: Zsuzsanna Hága

Group programmes
(For school classes, miscellaneous groups, friends…)

As you can read in various other chapters on this webpage, this is the only stud in Hungary, in which the core breed of horses is directly connected to the ancient breed that was used by the invading Magyars during their conquest of the Carpathian basin. Settled in the vicinity of Turkic Khazarian people, the Hungarian tribes in those days adopted the Akhal breed, and rode them from the steppes to the Carpathian Basin. The Turkmenians preserved the Akhal Teke until the 20th century, and we purchased our stallions also from Turkmenia. The Akhal Teke is the most ancient, noble breed in the history of horse breeding. The Magyars must be proud that they appeared on such horses in Europe.The National Memorial Park in Ópusztaszer is the memorial ground for commemorating the conquest of the Carpathian Basin by the Magyars. Our stud lives south of the Park in a pasture that expands over an area of 120 hectares. We designed the habitat of the horses and the dwelling area with yurts to authentically evoke the lifestyle of our ancestors and the age they lived in. Our programmes also serve similar purposes.

We recommend this programme especially to school classes on excursion.We take the groups for a guided tour to visit the area on a covered wagon drawn by two horses. First we can see the stud of mares with their fillies, then the colts that are kept separately, the great grey bull and the grey cattle with their calves. Several animals are tame, so the visitors can stroke them. Following this the wagon takes the visitors to the dwelling area with yurts from Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Here the groups can have a rest, and can eat a snack around the large, open fireplace, where there is ample room for 30-40 persons.In this area, as one of the highlights of their programme, our visitors are instructed the basics of archery and horse riding. They learn basic skills related to shooting with a bow and arrow, and while one part of a group is riding, the other part practices the freshly acquired skills of archery. We provide assistance with riding so everybody can ride safely. Skilled riders may of course ride independently.The whole programme is scheduled for one-and-a half to two hours depending on the size of the groups.

Our fees:
Programme: HuF 1,800/person.
Accommodation in yurts: HuF 2800/person.
We charge no fees for school teachers accompanying school classes.

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