Equestrian shows


Our core activity is to preserve and conserve our country’s equestrian heritage.
This prompted us to move to Ópusztaszer in 1985, and this was the reason why we started performing equestrian shows in 1995. Looking back upon those days we can see that our mission was to establish this new genre, by which we mean that we had to find out what to do on horseback to best illustrate and evoke the age of the Magyar Conquest.

We have performed several hundreds of shows at Ópusztaszer, on many locations all over Hungary and also abroad since 1996. We tried our best in order to illustrate the equestrian life of the age of the Magyar Conquest. Since there are so many groups that perform equestrian shows today – which we respect and salute – we decided to create a special equestrian show.
Our core mission is to present this breed of horse to the public with the aim to raise awareness of the fact that we, Hungarians, have strong bonds with the history of this noble breed, and that this breed played an important role in the history of our country.

Below you can see some photographs of some of shows we have performed during the past few years.