Adress of the riding programmes: Ópusztaszer GPS coordinate:      46.478730, 20.086800



Mobil:                       00 36-30-63-88-318 –  Regő Cseppentő

Letter Address:                  6767 Hungary, Ópusztaszer, Pusztaszeri Major 102.

Accomodation in the yurt camp: 00 36309797001/ – Andrea Fekete

Booking in advance!

Riding program: – Andrea Fekete   

Breeding, horses for sale: 00 36303718732 – Réka Cseppentő

Saddle order, information: – Andrea Fekete

Check in programs, accommodation, covering, buying horses in advance!

Check in programs, accomodation: Andrea Fekete:

Accomodation: Check in as early as possible! It is worth to check in minimum 1 week earlier! There is no way to log-in that day.

  • During our 1 week programs the accomodation is reserved  for attendants . 

 Check in riding programs: Andrea Fekete:

During our 1 week programs the possibility of the riding is given for attendants .

  • Riding: It is worth to check in minimum 1 week earlier! There is no way to log-in that day.
  • Breeding, horses for sale, covering: Réka Cseppentő:

Saddle order, enquiry: Andrea Fekete,

Saddle sales, delivery, acceptance: Zsombor Cseppentő, 0036 30 3720829

  • the order happens by mail!
  • the sequence of the order  comes into existence by mails.

  Founder of the place: Attila Cseppentő: 00 3630 4361095  

Our workmates are available on weekdays between 8 am and 16 pm.! 

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